JK Education is an agency that connects students in Europe with quality boarding schools in the USA, Canada and Europe. We give our students the opportunity to gain skills and knowledge leading them towards successful and fulfilling lives in the 21st century whether they’re interested in sports, arts, science or they simply want to explore the world and learn English fluently. During the 5 years of the agency’s existence, we have sent over 400 students from Central Europe abroad. JK Education is the only agency in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia offering this type of direct link to boarding schools in the USA, Canada and Europe.


At JK Education, we aim high. We have established cooperation with more than 40 boarding schools in the USA, Canada and Europe. These schools meet the highest requirements in terms of quality, prestige, history, curriculum, teachers’ experience and the number of students accepted by selective universities.

We have established a very closed cooperation. We meet with their students and the representatives many times a year. Thanks to this cooperation, the school accept exlusively students recommended by our agency - JK Education.


Most of the schools offer more than 50 academic subjects and a wide variety of after-school activities. Therefore, each student can study whatever they love and enjoy.


Classrooms are not the only place where the students can develop their potential. They can enroll in 40+ activities such as sports teams, robotic leagues, film or debate clubs.

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All of the students are accepted by top universities in the world. Choosing the right high school is the first step to successfuly completing university education.

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CEO of JK Education, Ondřej Kania, was once a student with a dream of American high school, too. After he returned home from boarding school in New York, he wanted to give the same opportunity to other students. That is how JK Education was born.

Since its foundation 5 years ago, JK Education has sent over 400 students abroad. We are here to assist every student through the whole process - from choosing the right school, through the admission process to the visa process. Because of studying at our partner schools, most students are accepted by the best universities around the world.


International boarding schools offer a study experience the Czech schools cannot offer. They excel at extracurricular activities and prefer an individual approach. The schools have established close cooperation with various companies and universities, so that the students could play sports or enjoy science and arts at a professional level already while studying high school.

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At JK Education, we take pride in relationships we have developed with the schools over the years. Close cooperation with our partners gives us assurance that we can fairly offer the best - during classes as well as during extracurricular activities. We meet regularly with the school representatives. This way, we create more accommodating environment for our students.

The partner schools are well established institutions and frequently innovate their techniques, so they would follow the latest trends in education (worldwide). As the result of our ardor, we can exchange the latest know-how and maintaining the environment that meets our students’ expectations and makes them satisfied.

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