International Schools in the Czech republic

JK Education has been sending students to foreign boarding schools for several years. We have been able to witness their enormous progress and development. Students who had been shy about speaking English are now creating Youtube videos in which they speak fluently. Students who were disadvantaged because of the lack of school activities now excel in what they love doing. Students who did not enjoy school and who were labeled as below-average by teachers are now winning school Olympiads and are getting admitted into the finest American universities.

All it takes is to change the environment and education style and give the students the freedom to invest their time into what they truly enjoy. We believe we can achieve the same results in the Czech Republic. Our goal is to create modern high schools that students want to attend.

We have already established two American-style high schools in Prague and in Brno, Czech Republic and took charge of Pražské humanitní gymnázium (EKO gymnázium). In September, we are opening a new American school in Bratislava.

From our experience of cooperation with boarding schools abroad, we know that they can offer quality and personalized assistance even outside the classrooms. However, you don’t need to look for these schools abroad. For the shared approach to education, we established a partnership with Carlsbad International School - an international IB school in Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic.

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American schools which offer a friendly environment, individual approach and an international community. Classes are taught in English and the students have a say in the subjects they choose to study.

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This is a humanitarian-oriented school inspired by the teaching methods in Finland and in the USA. It is the most affordable way to obtain quality education from our offer.

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