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K Education has been an agency that has been focused on providing high school education abroad since 2012. In 2019, we decided to add public schools and host family Exchange program in the USA to our offer. During the 7 years of our existence we have come across many cases where the families were considering whether to choose boarding or public school. When they chose J1 program they often called after a few months that they want to try boarding schools in the end.

Some were assigned schools and families that did not match at all what was promised to them. Some of them didn’t get a school assigned at all. Some of them learned about the family and school they were about to be placed to as late as August and didn’t even have the time to contact the family and get to know them beforehand. Each of these situations had one thing in common – bad communication with European and American Organization. That cannot happen to you with JK Education.

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We choose quality partners

In the last two years, the interest in public schools from our clients has grown. That is why we decided to partner up with ICES which is in our opinion the most quality organizations in America that provides J1 programs.

Other agencies in Europe, place thousands of students annually. ICES only places 1300 students a year. It is much easier to contact them and sort out diffucult situations. With our partner agency, we communicate almost daily and we are available 24/7.

What is J1 program

J1 program is offered to students who want to spend half a year or a year at a public school in the USA in a host family. It is more of a cultural Exchange program which doesn’t have high academic quality. In the USA there are many large organizations that associate many host families who choose students according to their profiles. The students, unfortunately, have no power over which school or family they will be sent to. For an extra fee, they can choose a region but that’s it. When the family or a school is assigned to a student, there is almost no possibility of changing either. It is also important to inform you that the students at public schools cannot study higher levels of the subjects and are disadvantaged in choosing the subjects they want to study and cannot graduate abroad.

That is why they often describe the education abroad as „easy“ compared to European schools. The reason is simple – these students study the basic levels of subjects and higher levels are offered to locals.

We often say that the J1 program is much like a lottery. You might be lucky and you will be assigned a great family in a great region and have an amazing experience that you will remember your whole life. If you are not this lucky, it is crucial that the agency you choose is able to sort out any problem that you might encounter. It happens sometimes, that in this case, the agencies stop communicating with you. This won’t happen with us for the following reasons:


Always available

Compared to other European agencies, we have a team of more than 20 people and thanks to that we are available 24/7 even though someone is on a vacation or a business trip. There is always somebody who can sort out the problem promptly.

Assistence during the whole process

JK Education takes pride in individual approach towards its clients. We have placed hundreds of students a tour partner boarding schools and helped them sort out all kinds of issues such as visa, flight cancellation, doctors, surgeries, communication with the insurance company, etc. We don’t offer only a trip abroad but a full concierge service during the whole stay abroad.

Individual approach

The most important thing when choosing J1 is the organization with which the agency cooperates. We chose ICES which is relatively small. They only place about 1300 students a year which is a huge advantage because it is much easier to sort out issues with a smaller agency than with those who send thousands of students a year.

Quality is our priority

Unlike other agencies that offer J1 program, we do not fight for clients with a low price but with a very high quality of our services. That is why you can see that our year or half a year program is more expensive than somewhere else. JK Education takes pride in individual approach towards the students, prompt communication and the ability to to sort out any situation that might occur when your child is thousands of kilometers away from home. To offer such services we need a professional and big team which is expensive. That is why we cannot lower the price because that would influence the quality of our services.

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Program pricelist

One year
8 810 USD
Half a year program
beginning in August, 5 months
7 700 USD
Half a year program
beginning in September, 5 months
7 100 USD

Extra fee for the region

West-coast or
350 USD
Multiple regions
550 USD
750 USD
1 400 USD
Florida, California,
1 600 USD

The price also includes four-day orientation days in New York or Los Angeles.

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