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Ondřej Kania, co-founded JK Education, fulfilled his dream and attended a high school in the USA where he received an American high school diploma. On his return, he decided he would help young people and giving them the opportunity for quality education abroad, with which the Polish schools do not have. This is how the prominent agency that provides high school and university education in the USA, Canada and the UK was born.

In 6 years of the existence of JK Education, we have helped hundreds of students with choosing the right school abroad. We know how the educational systems abroad work and so we can guide our clients throughout the whole process from the admission process to the visa process. We also assist our clients during their whole stay abroad.

Dream Alma Mater

American and British universities have been on the top of the charts for a very long time. Their students are provided with great and modern facilities. They have the best study programs in the world and professors whom include Nobel Prize laureates. Thanks to this, the students can do science research or practice art and sports at a professional level at the university.

Contrary to the schools in the Czech Republic, the students of foreign high schools can sometimes choose their major at the end of their second year and so they have more time to make sure about what they want to focus on in the future.

Our services

Since its inception, JK Education has helped hundreds of students with finding the right international boarding school in the USA, Canada and Europe. We know how to prepare you for international travel and can help you through the process.

We will recommend to you the right university

S výběrem školy, která vyhovuje kritériím našich klientů, jsme už pomohli stovkám studentů. Vysněnou Alma Mater najdeme i vám.

We will guide you through the admission process

Travelling for university abroad is easier if you know how to do it. We will help you get ready for the SAT and TOEFL exams, help you get all the documents necessary and will communicate with the universities for you.

We will help you get financial aid

Mainly American Universities offer academic or sport scholarships and we can help you apply for these.

We will help you get a student visa

We will fill in the forms necessary for your stay abroad together.

We’ll be here for you

You can ask us questions about anything or reach out for help anytime during your study abroad.

Find your school

Alexandra Vasile
Director of College Counselling

A long-term mission of our agency is to provide services in the whole central Europe at world-class level. To make sure that our students receive such service, it was an absolute priority for a professional to take on the role responsible for admission process at universities in JK Education. Somebody who has got great experience – both personal and professional. We are very happy to introduce you to Alexandra Vasile, who works at our agency on the position of Director of College Counseling.

After receiving her masters degree at one of the top world universities – University of Oxford, she gained a PhD. at the American University of Arkansas. Afterwards, she began to help young people with choosing the right university. Alexandra has a lot of experience with the admission processes at American and European universities.

Are you interested in education at foreign universities? Leave us your contact information and we will contact you.

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